Ralf Kleemann - Harpist

Programme & Repertoire

Ralf plays a variety of styles on his harps that can be combined to taste. You find music samples for each programme below, and some videos on the Gallery page.

Music for New Celtic Harp

Through the work of Ralf Kleemann and many other contemporary harpists, the Celtic harp has gradually been growing out of its very small niche and is gaining some profile.

Ralf presents the Celtic harp as a very modern and changeable instrument. In his music, traditional and new elements are combined and he leaves plenty of room for spontaneous impulses and frequently leaves the predictable pathway when he improvises on a theme.

Ralf plays unplugged wherever possible, and uses subtle amplification in medium to large venues. He also throws in a careful dosage of live looping that proved to be very successful in the previous season.

Moreover, no concert would be complete without some anecdotes and explanations around the harp and the seemingly awkward people who go through such lengths to play them...

Music Samples

Modern compositions, jazz and classical music on the pedal harp

Ralf has been seen on stage with is new pedal harp more often than not recently, as he's exploring this field with determination. His programme encompasses some classical pieces, jazz standards, and most importantly his own compositions, some of which had been yearning for the additional degree of freedom that the pedal harp can offer.

Beyond common clichés involving fair-haired harp angels, the audience has good reason to be curious about Ralf's very own blend of melodic contemporary music, well-seasoned jazz pieces, and a measure of classical music (Eric Satie will be added to match local weather conditions).

Music Samples

Traditional Celtic harp – Irish, Breton and Scottish music

This programme pays justice to the long heritage and history of the Celtic harp, featuring music from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany as well as some Renaissance pieces. The music is partly presented close to the style of the corresponding period, partly combined with style elements of the modern age.

In addition, Ralf provides the audience with background information about the instrument and music, as well as the cultures that produced it.

Music Samples