Ralf Kleemann - Harpist

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»The album shows a master at work. His crystal clear, melodic way of playing intrigues me. His soft, almost shy, way of playing makes that the listener hears every detail of the compositions. Kleemann has the talent to express emotion with music, and that is something not many musicians are able of doing. For me, not a Harp expert in any way, this is just a strong album with music that touches me.«

Eelco Schilder, FolkWorld

»Ralf Kleemann is a virtuoso on the Celtic harp who has found his distinct style.« - Thüringer Allgemeine, Germany

»After all it was the decided lust for experiments and improvisations that delighted the audience. Traditional jigs and reels were the base of rhythmic passages, formed with utmost precision and feeling.« - Die Rheinpfalz, Germany

»The twelve original compositons of Irish and Breton nature make you feel like sitting right at the Atlantic coast. Somewhere beyond the ocean lies the land of prophecy, youth, and immortality. ...
Who knows what happens when Ralf Kleemann will have passed the number of his harp strings in years!« - FolkWorld

»The improvisations, recorded at night in a church in Heidelberg, evoke the ancient, fresh and wind-moved spirits of Celtic folklore in an amazingly vivid way.« - Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany

»A stunning, magical collection to play and enjoy again and again.« - Celtic Gifts

»The pieces have strong themes and well balanced structures, which at times are almost hypnotic. Ralf Kleemann is an agile player who commands a beautiful tone from his instrument.« - Sounding Strings, Scotland

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Ralf Kleemann - Pressefoto
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Ralf Kleemann - Pressefoto
Foto Pedalharfe, Druckauflösung (JPG, 900 kB)

Ralf Kleemann - Pressefoto SW
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Ralf Kleemann - Pressefoto SW
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