Ralf Kleemann - Harpist

"Behind the inner eye of the listener, there may be running movies—not just images of rocky sea coasts, islands and trees bent by the wind, but much more individual pictures that originate in all-day life with all its puzzling details, for which this music can be soundtrack and medicine at the same time."

Michael A. Schmiedel, Folker 6/10

Ralf Kleemann plays the harp on solo concerts and music festivals, as well as on weddings, exhibitions, and other events.

He also provides harp tracks for film score and other purposes, when nothing can replace the sound and magic of a real harp.

He presents a well-matured collection of old and new European and Celtic music with lots of room for improvised parts, as well as explanations around the music and the instrument. Next to well known harp standards, his program consists of a growing number of original compositions (see Programme page). Concerts for Celtic harp and pedal harp can be taylored to fit the occasion.

That way, the audience can experience and rediscover this magnificient instrument from many new angles.

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