Ralf Kleemann


New Celtic Harp

"Phrydotia" is Ralf Kleemann's first solo album containing music for New Celtic Harp.

It was recorded in an old church in Heidelberg during some quiet autumn nights. The pieces are his own compositions and arrangements, playing with traditional tunes and Celtic music from Ireland and Brittany. Some of the pieces are improvised, others were partly arranged or composed beforehand.

Ralf's instrument is a synthesis of traditional Celtic harp and modern harp. It uses high-performance semitone levers to be able to play a selection of modern music - and was there also some Jazz...? On some tracks (4, 5), a Gothic Harp is used.

»I was alone with my harp, the room, as well as the medieval statues in the walls, the ancient arcs. The whole scenery looked at me, and at times, the silence between the notes seemed louder and more powerful than any sound.«

Ralf Kleemann - Phrydotia - Neue Keltische Harfe

Ralf Kleemann - Harfe - Harp

Phrydotia - Tracks & Samples

Personent Hodie

Blues für Janet

Butterfly Jig


Phrydotia I

Frühstück mit Sokrates


Son Ar C´histr


The Breezer I

The Breezer II

Phrydotia II

You can listen to the sample tracks underlined in blue.

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New Celtic Harp
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